Japanese firm rolls out gold-leaf Scrambler

Casuno Motorcycles is taking part in Ducati's Custom Rumble

gold leaf ducati scramber custom rumble

A Japanese Ducati dealer has rolled out a gold-leaf version of Ducati's Scrambler in an attempt to win the firm's Custom Rumble contest.

Casuno Motorcycles in Kyoto took its Scrambler to Hori Metal Leaf & Powder Co., which was established in 1711, to cover its Kyoto-style motorcycle’s bodywork and tank. It has been called Aellambler.

Casuno, which sells imported motorbikes, also manufactures and sells handlebars, footrests and other parts under the Aella brand name.

“We have produced motorbike parts that can also be accepted as top-ranked craftwork,” said Yutaka Shimoda, a Casuno official. “Due to such efforts, customers in Japan have come to select our parts, but consumers outside the nation have not been aware of our products.

“The competition provides a golden opportunity for us to expand our sales networks to overseas markets.”