Honda launches refresh project to keep VFR750R RC30 in mint condition

Owners of the iconic Honda VFR750R RC30 will have the chance to upgrade it using genuine parts as part of the firm's new refresh programme

Honda VFR750R RC30

Why purchase a new motorcycle when you can revive your existing classic with the help of the people who created it?

That’s the idea behind Japanese firm’s newly announced refresh programme for the Honda VFR750R (R30) model, which is targeted at giving the iconic sportsbike a new lease of life with remanufactured genuine parts curated for modern purposes.

Honda alone has produced some classic motorcycles over the years, but for many the VFR750R is regarded as its zenith. Created to be homologated for entry into the newly launched WorldSBK Championship way back in 1987, the fully faired sportsbike moved the game along with its striking styling and 90-degree V4 engine producing 76hp.

However, time has moved on and while there are many that endeavour to take great care of their machine, as time goes on it is harder to find genuine parts to keep it as close to the original as possible without borrowing from elsewhere.

Which is why Honda is stepping in to preserve the memory of arguably one of its most famous racers by using modern methods to reproduce parts just for the VFR750R (RC30) to keep them in mint condition more than three decades on.

Posted on Honda’s Japanese website, we’ll assume the programme is – initially at least – reserved for the Japanese market, but we’re hoping it will stretch towards Europe at some stage

Either way, it’s a nostalgic nod to Honda’s racing heritage as it currently celebrates all things CBR with the launch of the VFR’s long descendent, the new Honda CBR1000RR-R.

“The members of the development team at the time and the members who were the RC30 owners were the main players in reviewing the maintenance menu for the refresh plan and genuine parts to be reproduced.

“Genuine parts to be remanufactured are carefully selected based on the requests from customers and dealers, in addition to parts that are expected to deteriorate over 30 years or regular replacement parts, etc. We have been considering manufacturing with the cooperation of related departments in the company.

“For customers who want a refresh plan, we will take care of the vehicle at the newly established "Motorcycle Refresh Center" and a skilled mechanic will finish it in the best condition.

“In addition, genuine parts to be reproduced for maintenance will be sold to customers as well as refresh plans.”