Honda ‘Ferrari’ motorcycle up for sale... and it isn't cheap!

A bright spark in Dubai is trying to flog a Honda Fireblade badged up as a Ferrari for £51k!

THE idea of a Ferrari motorcycle has been around almost as long as the iconic sports car brand themselves, with fans of the marque longing to see what a two-wheeled version of the prancing horse would look like.

And we’re pretty sure this is not it! Some clever so and so in Dubai has come up with the idea of getting some vin-plates made up for a Honda Fireblade, slapping some red paint on it and Ferrari badges and is hoping to flog the thing for £51,0000!

The VIN does indeed confirm the motorcycle was ‘Made in Italy’ although we’re pretty sure this thing would have been in the news a little bit more, hade the engineers at Maranello really had a hand in its creation.

Aside from the liberal use of Rosso Red in it’s make up, the bike also features lashings of carbon fibre, Giallo Fly yellow painted Brembo calipers and an aftermarket exhaust system. Oddly, the listing for the bike claims the power-output of the machine to be between 400 and 500bhp. Making it probably the most powerful normally aspirated FerarriBlade on the planet!

So, for the international playboy who already has a garage full of Fezzas, grab this one of a kind motorcycle to add to the collection.

Or just punch yourself in the face as that’ll probably be more rewarding in the long term.

Interestingly, Ferrari did give their name to one motorcycle, the only real Ferrari motorcycle. The Ferrari 900 was built with express permission of Ferrari Spa and went under the hammer at Bonhams and sold for £85,000 a few years back.


Check the video out on @ferrari_motorcycle can this be real? And if it is, why Ferrari didn’t post anything about it?

Wow. That is a sharp looking motorcycle. Beramka brings up an interesting point though. I did not see Ferrari post anything about this before? Am I missing something?

George | |

daisyreese's picture

I wan t to buy this Ferrari bike

People like Simon Hancocks will be like... Ford Explorer bagged up as Range Rover is up for sale and is not cheap!!! After I saw some pictures on the internet of this bike, I decided to go to the Ferrari Museum near my home in Maranello to ask around about this bike, the bike picture is on the main lobby wall and it was sold at the auction last year. FYI

Hope i can see and tow one of those one day !

Denis from

This brand Ferrari is not a cheap brand as all of the majority people know. But , few days back in one of the online bike selling writing service blog I have seen Ferrari brand bike for very low price when checked the model number in official Ferrari website it shows it and as it original bike only. That can be run for money deal.

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Very useful post here. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me. I will definitely be back.

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