Harley-Davidson announce their biggest and most powerful engine ever

The Harley-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle 131 Crate Engine boasts 121bhp and 131ft-lbs of torque!

Harley-Davidson 131 Screamin Eagle

HARLEY-DAVIDSON has announced it’s biggest and most powerful engine produced is to be available in self-fit, crate from.

The Screamin’ Eagle 131 boasts a mammoth 2147cc and can be spec’d with either oil or oil/air-cooled forms. The new unit is also the biggest and most powerful street-compliant crate engine ever created by the Milwaukee factory, putting out 121bhp and 131ft-lbs.

The new unit is suitable for slipping into the chassis of any 2017-onwards touring models and can even be tuned up further with the addition of high-flow exhausts, airfilters, and fuel packs.

Harley claims that the new motor is a bolt-in installation and that potential owners (we’re guessing in the US) will only have a 30-day wait before receiving their shiny new lump of horsepower and torque.

And what is the cost of this sea of torque and horsepower I hear you cry? Well, as with the rest of the H-D options catalogue, it’s not what you’d call cheap. But then again, if you want a cheap motorcycle, buy a Chinese import 125! The whole kit direct from Harley comes in at $6,195.00 oil-cooled and $6,395 Twin-Cooled. That’s £4,718 for the oil-cooled and £4,970 for the oil/air-cooled version.

Does anyone have an idea as to how much you can sell one slightly used kidney for?

What does the Harley-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle 131 include?

  • Screamin’ Eagle patent-protected 4.310” Big Bore Cylinders
  • Screamin’ Eagle Milwaukee-Eight® Extreme CNC-ported cylinder heads with CNC-machined chambers and 1mm larger valves
  • Screamin’ Eagle SE8-517 high-lift cam
  • Screamin’ Eagle 10.7:1 High-compression forged pistons
  • Screamin’ Eagle High-performance cam bearing
  • Screamin’ Eagle High-performance tappets
  • Screamin’ Eagle 64MM Throttle body and cast manifold
  • Screamin’ Eagle 5.5 g/sec fuel injectors

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