Hislop hearing: 'Carb icing caused loss of power'

Court shown images of wreckage on third day of inquiry into fatal helicopter crash

Carb icing the likely cause of R44's power loss

PICTURES FROM the wreckage of the helicopter crash that killed multiple TT winner Steve Hislop were submitted as part of a presentation by the Air Accident Investigation Branch on the third day of the hearing, yesterday.

The images showed the remains of the Robinson R44 aircraft, with the trail of debris 400m long across a hillside in the Scottish Borders.

Senior air investigator, Tony Cable, said the wreckage distribution made it clear the tailboom had become detached before the main part of the helicopter hit the ground at high speed, and had severe fire damage.

He added that once the tail was sliced from the helicopter, it would have been impossible to control because of the loss of weight at the back end.

The inspector, who attended the site in the days after the accident, said the carburretor icing up was the most likely cause of a loss of power.

The hearing continues.