H2SX rider spotted apparently 'impersonating police motorcyclist'

Police have confirmed that they will look into the incident

H2SX rider spotted apparently 'impersonating police motorcyclist'

A MOTORCYCLIST on a Kawasaki H2SX has been spotted apparently impersonating a police officer in South Wales. 

Photos of the supicious biker, dressed all in black, were posted to Twitter by 'Bike Throttle', who tweeted South Wales Police asking them if the bike, reg CE18 SRZ, was a roads policing officer.

"He has been 'stopping' people in the Barry area and advising them on their riding," the tweet continued. "Bike is full of camera equipment and radios/lights."

The police were quick to respond and confirm that the bike and rider were "Definitely NOT a Roads Policing Bike or officer", and asked Bike Throttle’s Shaun Pope to report the rider to the non-emergency number 101.

Elaborating further on Instagram, Pope wrote: "If he follows or tries to pull you over do not stop. His bike has false antennas, lights and lots of cameras, as well as apparently a false Velcro police badge. He’s been stopping other bikes and measuring number plates, as well as threatening to send out letters to owners. A heads up for all South Wales and mid-Wales based bikers"

Speaking to Visordown, Pope commented: "He hasn’t pulled me first hand, although he’s followed me closely for miles previously.

"Apparently he measures plates and threatens to send out letters to people, and has stopped people in the past to ‘advise’ them on their riding.

"South Wales police are looking into it as he has been seen wearing a Velcro police badge."

Picture credit: Shaun Pope/Bike Throttle

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