Guess what's illegal on a parked bike in London?

Instalment two of Visordown's Bizarre Biking Laws...

Guess what's illegal on a parked bike in London?

LAST WEEK we brought you the news that motorcycle drifting had been made illegal in Oman.

Now, in the second of Visordown’s Bizarre Biking Laws series, we have a two-wheeled offence a little closer to home.

Now, motorcyclists in London have been having a rough time recently, what with Sadiq Khan’s latest Transport Strategy, which the MCIA claim has 'placed the safety of hundreds of thousands of regular motorcycle and scooter riders at risk'.

And to add insult to injury, it’s also reportedly illegal to do the dirty on a parked motorcycle. That’s right: sex on a stationary two-wheeler is out of bounds, people.

Of course, this is an ancient law, and definitely not one we’d like to put to the test, but it’s a law nonetheless.

There’s no word on whether it’s allowed on a moving motorcycle, but that just sounds downright dangerous.

So next time you’ll feeling a little frisky post-ride, do us all a favour and go inside.