That free-riding, wind in your hair feeling...

US wheelchair user gets the ride of his life

Wind in your hair... some people will do anything for that feeling

MICHIGAN man, Ben Carpenter, went for the ride of his life as his motorized wheelchair was pushed for approximately 2-miles at speeds of 50mph, attached to the front of an 18-wheeler truck.

A truck driver inadvertently caught the wheelchair in his front grille as he pulled away from traffic lights. Carpenter was crossing the road but the lights turned to green before he finished his crossing. The handles of the wheelchair were caught as the truck gently pulled away.

Carpenter was strapped into his wheelchair and shouted for help but no-one could hear him. He was only saved after the truck driver pulled into his depot and police rushed to free wild-riding Carpenter.

Carpenter escaped unharmed and so did his wheelchair. The wheels needed replacing, but apart from a few scrapes and dents it's still usable.

"That ride was kinda neat..." said Carpenter of his experience.

"Maybe the president will call, that would be awesome."

Just another example of the lengths people will go to get that biker's wind-in-your-hair feeling.