John Surtees' 1955 NSU Sportmax RS251 on eBay

Ex-world champ's bike for sale

Ex-Surtees racebike...yours for only £25,000!

A BIKE that once belonged to ex-world champion John Surtees is up for sale for £25,000.

It's an original NSU Sportmax racing machine, sold by NSU's Wilhelm Herz to Glenn Henderson (who was in partnership with Reg Armstrong) in 1958.

The bike was restored by Ferry Brouwer (Arai helmets), who bought it in pieces from John Surtees. The ex-world champ acquired the frame and some engine parts from the Maharaja of Ceylon.

According to the vendor, the bike has recently had new valves, its cylinder head reconditioned and is in good running condition. It can be viewed at Atlantic Motorcycles or you can view the eBay auction here