Ex-F1 driver Esteban Tuero seriously hurt in wild motorcycle crash

Former F1 driver Estaban Tuero suffers multiple injuries after being caught up in a high-speed motorcycle accident that was caught on camera

Esteban Tuero

Former F1 driver Esteban Tuero is recovering in hospital after being involved in a spectacular motorcycle accident that was caught in graphic detail on camera.

The Argentine, who competed for Minardi during the 1998 F1 season, suffered multiple fractures in the incident, which was caused by a fellow motorcyclist performing a low speed u-turn directly into his path.

Occurring in the city of Parque Chacabuco, CCTV caught the brutal moment on camera, showing Tuero being flung from his motorcycle after hitting the bike ahead at what appears to be substantial speed.

Both victims survived the crash, though Tuero is understood to have suffered broken bones he isn’t in danger of losing his life.

“The truth is that I wouldn’t tell you that he was born again, but it was very close,” friend Brian Smith told Infobae. “Esteban had no way of avoiding anything.

“When this person does a U-turn, Esteban ran out of options: because on the left he had to go the other way and a car came driving, so he had no choice. And you can tell he wanted to move to the right, but it was impossible to brake the bike at that speed.

“It was avoidable if this person didn’t U-turn like he did. Luckily, a little hurt, broken, but on his way to recovery,”

While Tuero's F1 exploits may only be remembered among the more 'elite pub quizzers', he would go on to continue forging a successful racing career in his native Argentina. He remains one of the youngest drivers to compete in F1 at 19-years old, though his age and inexperience did earn this rather damning assessment as a result from Martin Brundle...

"As for Tuero, it would have been scary. I don't like to see these guys out there with so little experience. Imagine it: even if he didn't qualify, he'd be getting in the way during qualifying. And if he did qualify, then he'd definitely be lapped plenty. He'd have really needed to have his wits about him. To be honest, it annoys me, people like that, with zilch credibility"