Motorcycle-only speed limits in the Dolomites come into force

The motorcycle-only speed limits have been imposed due to safety concerns and a series of crashes on the mountain roads

Motorcycle-only speed limits in the Dolomites come into force

THE Italian province of Trento has imposed motorcycle-only speed limits on some roads over the picturesque Dolomites region of northern Italy.

The move comes after a number of serious accidents occurred in the region during the summer months – despite the Italian nation being in a state of lockdown.

The Vice President of the Trento region joked that riders should "Go to run in Misano", calling for those that wish to ride at speed to do so on the relative safety of a properly run motor racing circuit.

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Maurizio Fugatti, president of Trento said:

“The issue is serious because it affects people's lives. As Giunta, we brought the issue to the security table with the government commissioner to put a stop to these dramatic numbers, which manifest themselves, especially in the early summer.

“In addition to strengthening the controls [speed limits] on the roads we contacted the mayor to identify the busiest and most dangerous roads, in the meantime, other mayors have contacted us to include other roads among those subject to the new limits.”

The new speed limits, which see vehicles limited to 60kph (37mph) on some roads, affect all vehicles, while the highest risk routes for motorcycles will only require bikes to adhere to the lower limits.

Motorcycle-only speed limits in the Dolomites

The routes affected by the 60kph ‘bike-only’ speed limits are the SS42 del Tonale and Mendola – that stretches from Passo del Tonale, through Vermiglio and on to the centre of Forges. It also affects the SP31 of the Manghen Pass, between the beginning of the pass, at the intersection with the SP65 Panoramica della Valsugana, passing through Calamento, Passo Manghen, Ponte Stue, Canton, up to the intersection with the SP232 of Fiemme dir Molina, in the municipalities of Telve and Castello-Molina di Fiemme.

While the new speed limits are being hailed as safety measures to cut accidents, some corners of the Italian motorcycle media are insisting they are further evidence that motorcycles are being targeted by councils and governments to help reduce noise pollution.