Ducati 1098R - Technical presentation

Get your lab coat on, this is getting serious

Only WSB heroes need apply

It has just taken Ducati over an hour to cover all the technical aspects of the new 1098R, I think the last time I sat through a presentation that thorough it was for my A-level physics and involved Boyle’s law.

Anyhow, the highlights are the bike weighs 168kg thanks to carbon bodywork and a new lighter engine. The 1098R’s 1198cc motor has a 2mm bigger bore and stroke compared to the 1098S, giving it a whopping 180bhp and almost unbelievable torque figure of 99ftlb.

Ducati claim this motor is the closes thing to the race bike’s they have ever made, it’s only pistons, re-balanced crank, gearbox ratios and a lighter fly wheel from Troy Bayliss’ motor! THe traction control has 8 different settings, depending on the level you require, and is 100% the same when it comes to the algorithms (clever programmes that determine the amount of spin/control) to the GP and WSB bikes! I’ll be on it in about half an hour!