Amputee stunt rider shows no fear video

This bloke's an inspiration to everyone

WILLIAM "Regas" Woods believe's he's the world's first bilateral amputee stunt rider.

"I was born with a congenital defect in my legs. My mom decided to amputate early on," he said.

Woods said the most important factor in his development was a nurturing family and his faith.

"She never treated me any different," he said of his mother, Deborah Simon.

Woods, 26, said he was told by doctors that it was impossible for a bilateral amputee to run, and it would be best for him to live his life in a wheelchair. Instead of succumbing to negativity, he adopted to life with prosthetics.

"He is an exceptional young man," said Simon. "He does more with his life without legs than most people do with two."

Woods has found several ways to raise awareness for bilateral amputees, the most impressive of which is his work with stunt shows.

"The most important thing is just to not listen to anyone who says it's impossible," he said.

An adept stuntman with all-terrain vehicles and stunt bikes, Woods' most recent stunt show was in Lakeland, during "Stunt Wars." Though not competing with a team, he performed a variety of tricks in an exhibition.

"The motorcycles scare me," said Simon. "But he knows what he's doing."

See the video here:

Amputee Stunt Rider