Do you know Britain's most pot-holed road?

There are a few candidates around Visordown HQ

Do you know Britain's most pot-holed road?

WANT to do something about the shocking state of this country's roads? Here's a chance to vent your spleen and win a TV for it (full release below): and The Daily Telegraph have teamed up to launch a campaign to identify The UK’s Worst Road.

Conceived as a means to advance the road maintenance site’s plight to improve the state of the nation’s road network, the joint campaign is urging disgruntled road users to name and shame a road they think deserves the title of Britain’s worst.

As the Department for Transport announces an extra £100m for councils across the land to fix potholes, motorists will know that some local authorities have tackled the scourge of potholes better than others – so which region will acquire the dubious honour of being named home of the UK’s most potholed road? and The Daily Telegraph are asking road users to submit a road or to nominate one that has already been highlighted on the website. Visit: and follow the simple instructions.

There are two categories: Major Road; for motorways, A-roads and B-roads, and Minor Road; for local roads (excluding private/unadopted roads). The users who submit the stretch of asphalt chosen as’s Worst Road in both categories will each receive a 32” Samsung LCD flat screen TV.

Chris Knapman, Motoring Editor of The Daily Telegraph, said: “The campaign’s a bit of fun but there’s a serious message behind it - motorists are fed up with the perilous state of our roads.”

Duncan McClure Fisher from Warranty Direct, which set up, said: “We’ve no doubt we are going to draw attention to some extremely shoddy roads and as a country we should be ashamed of them, as well as outraged at the thousands of pounds of damage they do to our cars – perhaps something more will be done as a result of our campaign.”

The closing date for entries is 5pm on Monday, 28 March, 2011.

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