Del Boy tries to swerve speeding rap by putting on French accent

A motorcycle riding criminal has been compared to Del Boy after adopting a French accent in a bid to avoid arrest!

Del Boy riding a motorcycle

A Sussex Police officer has taken to Twitter to report a hilarious situation after pulling over a speeding motorcycle on the A27.

The bike in question was a custom streetfighter and oddly enough was running what looked like a French registration plate. But this rider didn’t just stop there, he went full-on method actor with the police, putting on a French accent for the duration of the roadside stop!

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The officer in question, PC Glen McArthur, ran a vehicle check on the machine, revealing that it wasn’t French at all but a British bike on Frech plates. Taking to Twitter, McArthur said:

“This little tinker thought he’d run around on French plates to avoid insurance, licence etc etc. His fake accent was somewhat comical! Au Reviour licence.

“The bike was followed at excess speed on the A27 @ Lancing last night (29/11). When stopped the rider claimed to be French. Checks of the bike showed it to be UK registered. The rider had an expired licence & no insurance.”

McArthur also revealed that the accent adopted by the foolish speeder was so bad it reminded him of the policeman from Allo Allo! He later went on to compare the rider to comedy hero Derek 'Del Boy' Trotter, a character well-known for adopting a Frech accent and miss-quoting numerous phrases with comical results.

So, there we have it, comprehensive proof that adopting a foreign accent will not help you avoid a speeding fine or worse, ban from driving for having an expired licence and no insurance.      

And there was me thinking that the custom build on his bike was worthy of a jail sentence all on its own!