Dan Hegarty’s grave left under a pile of mud

His family were about to pay their respects, one year after his death, only to be greeted with a pile of rubble on top of his grave

Dan Hegarty’s grave left under a pile of mud

THE FAMILY of Daniel Hegarty were about to pay their respects at his grave, marking a year since his death when they were greeted by a pile of mud.

As reported by the BBC, Mr. Hegarty’s former partner, Charley Johnson, said that tributes to the Nottingham based racer were moved and a wooden board was propped against his gravestone. She added, “[Daniel’s] mother saw it and no son should see [his father’s grave] like that.” As well as his former partner Mr. Hegarty leaves behind two young sons.

It’s reported that Bingham Town Council has since apologised saying the soil was from “preparations” for a future burial, going onto say that a “further review of standard and procedures” would be considered.

Dan Hegarty was fatally injured in the Macau GP last year when he collided with the barrier at the tight and twisty circuit. The head injuries sustained meant Hegarty had passed away before reaching the hospital.