Dad blasts police for seizing 7-year-old daughter’s motorcycle

A dad has blasted West Midlands Police for confiscating his daughters KTM off-road motorcycle after it was apparently ridden on public land

KTM 50cc
KTM 50cc

AS illegal motorcycle use across the country is on the up, a story has emerged of a father and daughter being caught by police riding an unregistered dirt bike apparently on public land.

The Sun reports that the pair had just started the bike up and begun to ride it. But within minutes of this happening, police officers emerged seizing the young girl’s motorcycle and leaving her in tears.

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The father, Ian Trethowan, recorded the incident on his phone said during the recording:

"These officers here are taking a little seven-year-old girl's bike that she's taken out for the first time today.

“They are really nice people. Especially this one here with the glasses, J Friend. I don't reckon he's got any friends though really.

“Look at my heartbroken little girl. Been here for two minutes and they want to take it off her.

“They won't even give her a chance. They're just going to seize it."

His daughter can be seen and heard in the video sobbing as the officers write out the ticket to take the motorcycle away.

Visordown’s take on it

While it is heart-breaking to see the little girl so upset, you do get the feeling the dad putting the daughter in this situation is part of the problem. We all know off-road motorcycles such as this are illegal to ride on the road and on public land, and the video shows the pair sitting very close to residential houses, just a little way from parkland. Who is to say the owners of those homes haven’t been complaining about nuisance motorcycle use for days or even weeks on end, creating a situation where the police can do nothing else but act.

We really do feel for the lass, but at the end of the day, there are plenty of kids out there who ride bikes, many of them will race in club motocross championships, and they are also unable to ride their beloved bikes. That doesn’t mean you can take the law into your own hands and take it to public land though.

Yes, the police could have showed some compassion, but then they have to show the same compassion to the next little scrote they catch riding a stolen PW50 down the park too.

Image: The Sun/Ian Trethowan

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