Is cyclist Mark Cavendish about to move to motorcycle racing?

Not yet, but he is seriously thinking about it...

Mark Cavendish motorbike

WITH nicknames including ‘the Manx missile’, and ‘the fastest man on two wheels’, professional cyclist Mark Cavendish could be forgiven for having had his fill of thrills.

But it seems the 32-year-old is lusting for more than just pedal power, with an admission to Esquire Middle East that motorcycle racing could lay ahead in his career.

In the recent interview, when questioned about racing cars, Cavendish replied: ‘To be honest, I prefer motorbikes more; I would like to race them instead.’

‘So, that’s next? After the cycling?’ probed the interviewer.

‘In all seriousness, I think so,’ affirmed the cycling great, who also revealed that owns ‘a couple of good [motorbikes]’.

It was only a couple of years ago that Cavendish, a good friend of MotoGP racer Cal Crutchlow - first hopped on a race bike:

But with a photographic memory and the ability to memorise a circuit after just three laps, he would be a great contender on his home island’s infamous mountain course - and any other track for that matter.

However, with Cavendish adding that he has ‘a fair few years in [his] professional career left yet’, it’s unlikely we’ll see him at the TT for a while.