Customise a Yamaha on your phone

Then send 'virtual build' to dealer to create

YAMAHA has launched an app which lets users virtually customise bikes before buying them.

The My Garage app shows Apple and Android users their 'virtual build' as a 3D image which they can then send to a dealer to create. 

It's available on models in Yamaha's Sports Heritage range including the XV950, XV950 Racer, XV950R, XSR700, VMax, VMax Carbon, XJR1300, XJR1300 Racer. Currently the SR400 isn’t catered for.

If you already own one, you can use the app to virtually customise your bike before giving it to a dealer to transform. 

Customisation options vary between bikes but include colours, exhausts, screens, stickers, luggage, frame protection, rear-sets, licence plate holders, mudguards and handlebar kits.

Yamaha said in a press release: 'The Yamaha My Garage app puts you in control, allowing you to choose your desired model from the Sport Heritage range and transform it into your perfect ride in 3D. Once you’ve chosen your desired model you can explore all the options and customizations available before choosing the parts you want. You can then see your ideal Yamaha Sport Heritage model come to life in an ultimate 3D experience. Whether you’ve selected the legendary VMAX, muscular XJR1300 or vintage inspired XSR700, you can choose any option and review every detail. 

'It’s natural to want to show off your newly built bike. So, you can share it with your friends, and the rest of the world through social media. When you’ve created your perfect ride and you feel ready to go to the next level, simply send your virtual build to your local dealer and they’ll do the rest, ensuring you can ride out in the real world on the bike you designed and built.'

We’ve customised an XJR1300 with luggage, a touring screen, Akrapovic exhaust, bar-end mirrors and some yellow rim tape, and added the pictures to the gallery below.

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