Custom Ducati Monster 1200 'dB25' | Limited-run motorcycle from Debolex

Could this be the ultimate retro racer custom motorcycle? Your chance to build a 1-of-25 dB25 from a Ducati Monster 1200 with Debolex (or just gawp at it)

Ducati Monster 1200 dB25 custom motorcycle from Debolex
Ducati Monster 1200 dB25 custom motorcycle from Debolex

If you’ve got the cash and the penchant for extravagance, then deBolex can transform a Ducati Monster 1200 into a fully-faired retro racer ‘dB25’ for you, hand-built to ordern in England and limited to a run of just 25 examples. For the majority of us, we can just gawp at the sheer beauty of what this small team from South Croydon are able to craft.

First in an upcoming series of projects is this Ducati-based dB25. With the first prototype unit built from aluminium, the following 24 bikes are to be built in carbon-fibre in-house, with each customer's unique requests and choices from an extensive range of specifications, from seat stitch patterns to exhaust combinations & custom finishes, making no two bikes the same.

Debolex Ducati Monster 1200 db25
Debolex Ducati Monster 1200 db25

Such extensive customisation fits with the ethos that the team pin on the board for each project they undertake - ‘how can we do it better?’

Starting life as the Ducati Monster 1200, the dB25 is a re-imagination of design and character with over 100 new custom components including new lightweight CNC aluminium rear subframe, polymer fuel cell, 21 carbon fibre panels, 60 laser cut sheet metal parts and 22 CNC aluminium components.

Performance is not in question either, the donor Monster 1200 L-twin powerplant providing a fantastic base with 147 bhp, and 125 Nm of torque.

debolex ducati
debolex ducati

Getting your hands on a dB25 will set you back £38,000 (as a starting point), and each unit has a 4-6 week lead time, over which time each customer will be in direct contact with the team to tailor their bike to meet their vision. 

Quoted from Bike Exif, shop founder Calum Pryce-Tidd says:

“They can have as much—or as little—input into this stage as they’d like. If they want to make the final decision on every component listed, we encourage them to do so. If they would rather we took the reins, or help guide them through, we can do that too.”


Is this the most beautiful custom Ducati retro racer you've ever seen?

The result is dumbfoundingly astounding, and a truly remarkable retro-racer with buckets of style is born from the exceedingly capable foundation of a Monster.

What’s more is the scarcity that you’ll find these, safe in the knowledge that your bike is one-of-a-kind within a 25 unit limited run. 10 have been ordered already.



If I had the money, I know who I’d be calling. More info on the build process on the deBolex site.

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