Croft trackday accident - Hottrax statement

Statement from the Director of Hottrax trackdays

Statement from Dave Mabbutt, Director of Hottrax Trackdays - where a rider was recently involved in an accident that has left him in a critical condition in hospital.

Croft - 23rd July 2007

A severe accident occurred in the morning of our track day at Croft on 23rd July 2007. This involved 2 riders colliding on the main straight. One rider was declared fit at the scene and the other was in a critical condition. The police were called and a full investigation was started. The Police closed the circuit indefinitely and no further activity was allowed that day.

You will no doubt be very pleased to hear that the rider is in a stable condition at 10am 24th July 2007.

The medical services and marshalling at the circuit were superb and it is at times like this that we know we are in good hands while riding, my thanks go to everyone involved at Croft and all other circuits in the UK.

While we are sympathetic with our customers in loosing track time our main priority is to attend to stricken riders. The closure was due to circumstances out of Hottrax or Croft Circuit's control.

I will not be asking Croft Circuit for compensation and we are unable to compensate any rider attending this event. We will not be offering discounts, vouchers, refunds or credits towards any future events. These types of incident are very rare and I still believe track days are a safer prospect for riders than riding on the roads.

We have had a number of calls and emails from customers attending this event asking how the rider is and we are very grateful for your concern. Hottrax have never lost a rider at our events in over 6 years of running track days and we are very proud of that in these days of fast, powerful bikes and in some cases, very questionable riding.

However, we have also had calls from customers with no concern for the rider's welfare and only interested in compensation for the loss of track time. Karen and I are quite frankly upset and disappointed by this attitude and any profit from this event will be going to the air ambulance charity.


Dave Mabbutt