Car pulls across three lanes without indicating, bike hits car. Who do you think is to blame?

One in eight people say 'rider'

EVER get the impression some people just want to blame the motorcyclist for any accident, no matter what?

Even when the car driver involved has done something ridiculous, like turn suddenly across three lanes of traffic without indicating or apparently looking?

The picture above shows the moment just before impact when a driver did just that. The full video, below, is distressing to watch, because the rider’s helmet flies over the roof the car - but somehow he appears to be left stunned but not seriously hurt by the crash.

Despite the obvious errors by the driver, some people are blaming the rider for the crash. An Aol news story on it includes a poll asking readers who is at fault – and roughly one in eight respondents (12%) currently blame the rider.

When Visordown first checked, yesterday, it was 50/50.

The Subaru Forester driver did not indicate before pulling away from the kerb and turning across all three lanes on Stamford Hill, London, on Saturday August 12.

The rider filming swerves to avoid the car and seems to miss it by inches, going around the back as it continues across the third lane.

The rider to strike it, with L-plates on his bike, was in the third lane.

Who do you think is to blame?

Go and have your say.

Here's another bad driver..


Obviously this is the car driver's fault. The rider that hit the car looks to have not been paying proper attention, and also either his helmet did not have straps for some reason (stolen), or he simply couldn't be bothered to fasten them. Next time he may be so lucky.

Comfysofa's picture

While Sentinel has stated its the car drivers fault from a law based angle I think that is the case. But, from simply a fact of avoiding the situation the learner should have seen the threat - the gs rider saw it and took avoiding action. I think the most criminal thing is the fact that he didn't have his lid done proved there because he didn't he may as well not have bothered. Twat.

BwokStrip's picture

I totally agree that its the cars fault. The manoeuvre was unannounced and reckless, the driver clearly didn't make enough (if any) observations and simply swung across the road. No excuse for an unbuckled helmet though.

It is worth noting that the camera bike may have obscured the learner riders view of the car until he was beyond his braking potential. Also that his bike is only single disc with no ABS so may not be able to slow as fast as the camera bike did.

Hopefully lessons were learned all round and the biker was unharmed and was able to recover costs from the cars insurance.

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