Campaign for bikes to use empty cycle superhighways

A UKIP London Assembly member thinks bikes should use them in off-peak hours

Campaign for bikes to use empty cycle superhighways

Bikes should be allowed to use the largely empty cycle superhighways in London, according to a member of the city's governing body.

UKIP London Assembly member David Kurtin believes that bike should be allowed in the lanes during off-peak hours to increase safety. He made the suggestion following a report on Transport for London's woeful provision for bike safety in the future.

“Cycle superhighways take up a lot of room on trunk routes which make things less safe for motorcyclists as lane width is reduced and they are squeezed into fewer lanes with other motorised vehicles,” he said. 

“It would improve safety for motorcycles if they could use cycle superhighways at less busy times of the day outside rush hours, when there are hardly any bicycles on them, and they lie dormant and empty.”