Bye bye Oxtar, hello TCX

Italian boot company changes name following legal action

Mention Oxtar and they'll send the boys 'round

OXTAR have rebranded to TCX. The Italian boot specialist faced legal action from Alpinestars and has since rebranded and, in doing so, revitalised their philosophy on boots.

Oxtar were the number one boot brand in the UK by volume having been first introduced here in 2000. Legal action has been ongoing for years but was finally settled at the tail end of 2006. Resilient Oxtar staff are confident they'll continue their success under the TCX banner.

To accompany the company's rebrand, a whole new line of boots have been introduced for 2008, including a new top of the range racing boot, the Competizione RS, featuring a brand-new Torsion Control System and ventilated inner-sole to maximise comfort. The Competizione RS is available in White or Black.