Brunstrom picture scandal - 'I'd do it all again'

Chief Constable is sorry but steadfast

CONTROVERSIAL NORTH Wales chief constable Richard Brunstrom said he would show similar pictures to those of dead biker Mark Gibney, provided safeguards were in place.

Brunstrom has come under fire by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) for using the pictures of a fatal motorcycling accident to launch a road safety campaign without getting permission from the deceased's family. But now Brunstrom is fanning the flames of controversy again. Last week, Brunstrom was quizzed over what he would have done if the correct risk assessment had been undertaken before the original briefing. It is reported that Brunstrom said: "I would do the same again - the question is the safeguards which would include that the family did not suffer." Brunstrom then went on to once again apologise to the Gibney family, adding: "I was stupid and I made a stupid mistake I don't intend to repeat."

He also repeated his criticisms of the media for reporting the story. He said: "I clearly placed too much trust in the behaviour and integrity of journalists. I allowed others to exploit a position that I did not anticipate. The error of judgment I was referring to was misplaced trust. I have been called naive, that may be apparent."

North Wales Police Authority said: "We are determined that lessons will be learned so that something like this does not happen again. This message has been delivered by the police authority to the Chief Constable in the strongest possible terms as management advice. This spells out the consequences of not adhering to the press protocol."