Booby trap found on the Isle of Man

Police have appealed for information

A SMALL road has apparently been booby trapped on the Isle of Man.

According to, the crude trap was found on a 'green way' road (a right of way that vehicles can use but that is not tarmaced) near the town of Peel - this is latest in a series of booby-trapping incidents reported in the area. 

A member of the public stumbled upon the traps (pictured), which had apparently been 'left intentionally on the track'. They constitute two six inch square pieces of plywood with two inch nails hammered through.

Investigating Constable Ian Scott said: ‘This matter is being treated very seriously.

‘It is an offence to cause anything to be on a road that would be obvious to a reasonable person that it was dangerous to do so.

‘While we can only speculate as to the motivation of those responsible at this time, the objects are presenting a very real danger to users of the Green Way Road in this location.

‘Not only could the likes of pedal cycle and motorcycle tyres be damaged causing the riders to lose control, but walkers and livestock using the lane could equally face serious injury if the objects were stepped on.

‘Green way roads are a public highway and can be used by all concerned as long as they comply with legal requirements.'

Anybody with any information regarding the incident should contact Isle of Man Crimestoppers on 0800 555111, or Peel police station on 842208. A reward may be payable as a result of your information.