Bolton motorcycle dealer hit by burglars

Keys and gear stolen from Doug Hacking Motorcycles in Bolton

A motorcycle dealer in Bolton has fallen victim to thieves stealing gear worth £10,000 and two safes containing keys to 43 bikes.

Doug Hacking Motorcycles was hit in the early hours yesterday when burglars broke in through the roof getting away 10 leather jackets and trousers, 15 helmets and gloves and the safes containing the keys to

Manager Grant Hacking said of the theft: “It is heart-breaking. It is not what you want to happen on your first day back after Christmas and New Year.

“The keys are useless without the bikes and they are secure.”

The theft will cost the business thousand of pounds and the dealer is offering a ‘generous reward’ for the return of the keys. The two safes containing the keys were bolted to the floor, some of the keys contained an immobiliser chip and the result of the key theft may costing up to £1,200 per bike for each to have a replacement immobiliser key.

Mr Hacking added: “Like every business, we’re struggling, and this is going to bump our insurance up again. It is a horrible feeling to have this happen.”

Police are appealing for any witnesses to come forward and anyone with information should call 0161 872 5050.