Billionnaire hairdresser's tequila-powered chopper

Tequila, it makes me happy etc

Billionnaire hairdresser's tequila-powered chopper

Billionaire hairdresser John Paul DeJoria made his fortune with the Paul Mitchell brand of shampoo and other haircare finery and he has secret penchant for the automotive wonderful and weird including a 2008-2009 Victory which runs on Patron tequila - a brand he used to own.

In his Austin, Texas garage you will find the usual Ferraris and Lamborghinis, but there is also a 2018 Indian Chieftain Dark Horse worth, a 2010 BMW-Sidecar model worth an estimated £15,000 sits at the back of the garage. The bike features a fierce face bearing long rows of sharp teeth, which DeJoria describes as 'fun'.

But the piece de resistance is the Victory which he says will run on either petrol or Patron tequila. "I've never filled it all the way up with Patron," DeJoria admits. "That would be a very expensive fill." Yep, a full tank would cost a grand.

However, the tequila would have to be very, very strong as 40 per cent alcohol isn't enough to run an engine...