This auction of a Foggy Petronas FP1 is a must see

The Foggy Petronas FP1 may not have set the racing world alight but it’s mythical status still makes it a must-have for bike collectors

Petronas FP1 superbike

A Foggy Petronas FP1 has come up for sale in an online auction this week and we are struggling not to place a bid!

It’s for sale on the Collecting Cars website and at the time of writing has five days left to run and is sitting at a tempting £16,000 with 21 bids already placed.

The bike is said to be in as-new condition following a refurb after being dry stored for a number of years and only 7-miles on the clock. It’s even got its UK taxes paid and comes complete with UK NOVA clearance, meaning getting it on the road shouldn’t be an issue.

While its 900cc, Suter Racing engine was the pinnacle of performance at its launch, the claimed 127bhp it produces seems a little soft compared to the current crop of 200+ bhp sportbikes. Output aside, if you’re looking for a true unicorn of a bike, with, not only race bike DNA but a truly enthralling back story too – they don’t come much cooler or more exclusive than this.

Its carbon-fibre bodywork is said to be in outstanding condition, with the panels being professionally resprayed in the original Panache Green along with the correct decals. The seller states that the vibrant finish is immaculate and that any exposed carbon-fibre has been re-lacquered to maintain the bling-factor.

How many Foggy Petronas FP1s were built?

In total, 150 versions of the Foggy Petronas FP1 were built - 75 in the UK by MXS International in Basildon, Essex and 75 in Malaysia - in order to adhere to WSBK homologation rules. 50 were held back for racing. Sadly a rule change at the world Superbike regulations meant that 1000cc bikes could compete and the FP1 was out-classed and out-gunned by the competition.

To check out the auction for yourself of to place a bid, head to the website here: