American cops equip Harleys with gun racks

Yep, AR-15 semi-automatic rifles are being carried on patrol bikes in Arizona...

American cops equip Harleys with gun racks

In another piece of genius from the country that allows schoolchildren to be massacred on what seems like a daily basis, police in Tempe, Arizona have mounted gun racks containing AR-15 semi-automatic rifles on their patrol bikes.

Tempe police Commander Michael Pooley said the idea was brought up by Chief Sylvia Moore when she was hired in 2016, and that officers embraced the idea

Pooley said sometimes a motorcop is the first to  arrive at the source of trouble, and will now be properly armed for any situation, adding that  sometimes pistols aren’t enough, especially when criminals are using heavier weapons. 

So far, no officers have had to fire their AR-15...