Aegis Rider, augmented HUD that shows you how to corner safely

Here’s a HUD that tells you the right speed and ‘line of attack’ of corners. Called the Aegis Rider, it may have positive implications for learners. 

Aegis Rider HUD motorcycling display

Aegis Rider is an advanced motorcycle safety system in development for motorcyclists. Operating on a system of cameras, machine learning, and map processing, the system displays information via a heads-up-display through augmented reality glasses, in an attempt to make motorcycling safer for riders - and teach you how to corner. 

As reported on MotoUutiset, the HUD will display a line to suggest the optimal line to ‘ride through a curve’. The system will keep an eye out for ‘dangerous curve manoeuvres’ or sharp corners, the incorrect speed for an upcoming corner, or hazards on the way. 

Have a watch of the quick walkthrough, and see what you think. 

Interesting stuff. I will come right out and say it, I’m not sure there is a market for this product for experienced riders, or even the fairweather rider who may go for a quick spin at the weekend. These riders will rely on their experience and own judgment more than technology - and that's absolutely with no disrespect.

The HUD element appears, at least in the example video, extremely informative, but bordering on excessive. 

The old adage is to ‘ride your own ride’, and following recommended lines and trajectories can be a recipe for disaster for a rider who may become too reliant on the suggested rather than recognising their own limits. 

Much like trying to set a top speed lap on a videogame, attempting to follow the optimal line could get you in a predicament if you’re not fully relying on your own judgment. What if the machine doesn’t spot a hazard/problem in the road, or you’re riding in the dark? How much can you rely on the information provided?

But, saying this, I can also see the appeal for a true novice rider who is unsure of the correct lane position to keep, and could do with a visual reminder whilst their instruction gives verbal suggestions. 'KEEP LEFT, NIGEL!'

Rounding a corner with too much speed is a hair-raising experience for a novice, so it would be apparent that a HUD which alerts a novice rider to reduce their speed could be very beneficial. 

How to corner with AEGIS Rider - would you ride with a HUD?

In short, it’s an ambitious technology that the team behind it will continue developing. They hope to make motorcycling safer and more fun - I’m not sure the latter is possible, but I will always be in support of anything that makes the former more prominent!

No word on price, or availability, and the unit is very much still in development. You can register as a test rider on the Aegis site though, if you fancy. 

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