Guy Martin is turning Thoresway MX track into UK’s best

Already tested by some of the best motocross riders, Guy Martin is hoping his Thoresway MX (known as Caistor to locals) will be the best in the UK. 

Guy Martin and Thoresway motocross track

Motorcycle (and all things fast) fanatic Guy Martin has bought Thoresway MX track, got in touch with the best track builders in the world (namely Johnny Douglas Hamilton and Alfie Smith) and is aiming to turn the old school track into a modern icon. 

Situated in the middle of a valley in Caistor, Thoresway benefits from aggressive natural elevation changes which are being exploited in hopes of becoming one of the top circuits for motocross racing in the country. 

On that, Guy Martin was asked from the beginning what he wanted this track to be - a practice track or a race track, as it can’t be both. He chose race track, wanting to make it the best it can possibly be.

What makes Thoresway MX track so good - the Guy Martin factor?

The best way to test its credentials as a race track is getting the best riders to try it out. So Tommy Searle, Billy Bolt, Jay Hague and Jake Nicholls (plus others) went over to Lincolnshire to give it a go. 

The verdict? Top marks. 

It seems like the combination of the track layout, soil foundations and sheer amount of work being put in to create something that could be a true staple in the MX world. Plans are to host the British Championship event there in 2022. With 10,000 fans crammed into a valley, it could be tasty… as Guy put it, it’ll be like hosting a boxing match in your bathroom.

More info is expected from Thoresway in 2022, and with Guy Martin behind the wheel you know it’ll be a really quick turnaround. He doesn’t do half measures, that guy. 

Have a watch of the video below, it sums it all up perfectly - and is a truly entertaining watch. The only thing missing is a full onboard lap! But I suppose the final bits are still underway, and things may change before we get a final look.

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