55,000 miles around the world on a Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled

Visordown Meets Henry Crew: The youngest person ever to solo circumnavigate the globe on a motorcycle. 

mano del desertio

Over the bank holiday weekend, Visordown met Henry Crew as he prepared to complete the final leg of his incredible global journey.

A Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled was the noble steed chosen for such a pilgrimage... Not your typical globe-trotting adventure bike (GS1200 being the default), but clearly up to the challenge. Originally the Sled was only meant to cover a mere 35,000 miles, but it actually ended up covering over 55,000! The main purpose of Henry’s journey was to raise money for the Movember Foundation and increase awareness of mental health, something which Henry has unashamedly struggled with in the past.  

So, in fitting with the Ducati theme I picked up a Ducati Supersport S and rode alongside Henry to the Bikeshed.


Henry’s Top Places

Top place number one was the Himalayas, where he rode on the three highest roads in the world. The scenery was out of this world, and if he could only go back to one place the Himalayas would be the favorite. His second favorite was Australia, stating that the place and the people were amazing. Plus, shredding along the beach wasn’t too shabby either.

And finally the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park (California), where Henry met another adventure motorcyclist. The pair got talking... and by morning set off on a mini adventure together. Just what are the chances?

Top moments to remember:

  • Staying overnight in a Prison in Pakistan (for his own protection)

  • Running and riding away from corrupt police officers in Honduras

  • Staying in the worst area of the Medellin (Columbia), in a hotel that turned out to be a brothel

Henry’s words of wisdom

If you’ve ever struggled with mental health according to Henry “you don't have to go the extreme of riding around the world, just find something that you love, and that gives you a form of escapism”. For him, that escapism came in the form of a Ducati Desert Sled.