First pictures of Max Biaggi’s electric record breaker

The electric bike uses Formula E tech and is aiming to hit 240mph

First pictures of Max Biaggi’s electric record breaker

VOXAN MOTORS are teaming up with GP legend Max Biaggi to take on the electric motorcycle land speed record. And the first pictures of the machine have just been leaked on the Top Gear website.

The bike is called the Voxan Wattman, and it's an electric motorbike that’s aiming to smash the current record of 327kph (203mph) by smashing the 400kph (248mph) barrier in Bolivia next summer.

Voxan is a French manufacturer, established back in 1995, who built attractive, but not quick roadsters back in the 90s. the company went into liquidation in 2009 later being scooped up by French sports car maker Venturi.

With Venturis links to Formula E – the electric version of F1 – it’s a safe bet that much of the motor and battery tech powering the Wattman will be linked to their current race car which is driven by ex-F1 ace Felipe Massa.

Click here to read the news story from when Biaggi originally took up the challenge here.

Check out what 266mph looks like on a petrol motorcycle in the video below: