A 150mph 250cc four-stroke? Trick Star have the answer.

Nobody asked the question of what happens when you turbocharge an inline-four 250cc four stroke, but Trick Star decided to find out anyway.

Trick Star turbocharged Kawasaki ZX-25 R. - Motorrad.

Japanese tuners Trick Star have achieved their goal set back in 2021 of reaching a top speed of 250kph with a 250cc, four-stroke production bike. 

The bike used by Trick Star, according to Motorrad, was the four-cylinder screamer 250cc from Kawasaki: the ZX-25 R. Stock from the dealer, the bike produces 46 horsepower and 23Nm of torque for a top speed of 187kph, or 116mph. 

More than double the power was required from the engine to make the 250kph target of Trick Star due to aerodynamic resistance which squares with speed, and the rolling resistance of the tyres which begins to increase over 150kph.

To achieve the necessary power, Trick Star have fitted the ZX-25 R with a new fuel injection system, revised software, a new exhaust and a turbocharger, according to Motorrad. 

The final top speed, according to the speedometer of the bike, was 252kph, although the GPS reported only 241kph. 

Trick Star’s video of the project’s test run can be seen below. More importantly, the bike can be heard in the video, and it is a genuinely magnificent sound- or, it is if you like high-revving inline-four screamers and, let’s be fair, who doesn’t?

Motorrad also says that Trick Star aims to offer a turbo kit for the ZX-25 R to the public. This kit will bring the power output of the bike up by 30% to 60 horsepower. However, since the bike is only available in Asia, us Europeans will sadly not be able to take advantage of this. 

Images courtesy of Motorrad