There are eight categories of motorcyclists, so where do you fit in?

The Belgian research group, Vias, has determined eight categories of motorcyclists in a study of Belgian bikers, so what type of rider are you?

Motorcycle riding in Norway

Vias, a research group from Belgium, has conducted a study into motorcyclists, from which they have determined the categories of motorcyclist. 

The study was conducted using a sample of 3,000 16-years-old-and-over Belgians, according to the British Motorcyclists Federation (BMF), and from those 3,000 participants, eight categories were discovered. 

Firstly, there is the Time-Optimiser, who uses their motorcycle to minimise the time of the journey. This comprised 11.6% of the sample.
Secondly, we have what Vias called the “Time-For-Me Seeker,” who are those riders who like to use the motorcycle to relax, get away from the family or work. According to Vias, this category made up 18.8% of the sample. 

Next up is “The Unconditional.” According to Vias, this group made up 9.5% of the sample, and these are those riders who go out whenever, no matter the conditions, the time of day, the amount of rain - if the bike has fuel, that fuel will be used.

Moving on now to the fourth group, which vias called the “Good-Vibe Seeker,” who are those that use the motorcycle only when the weather allows for it. These riders ride solely for enjoyment, as well as to avoid using the car. 14.2% fit into the “Good-Vibe” category.

Now, onto group number five: the “I-Want-It-All” class. These are the people who want the best of the best, the option that suits them and their needs perfectly. 18.2% apparently fall into this category. 

The sixth group is called “Multimodal,” which is the category for people who are not solely riders, and use their motorcycle in conjunction with other forms of transport, as well as instead of a car in good weather. These make up 11% of the sample. 

“The Daily User,” is category number seven. The Addict. The Junkie. The Two-Wheeled Doper. The assumption of the writer here is that most of you reading this fall into this category, that makes up 7.5%. To be reading my drivel there must be something going on. It feels like a necessity at this point to plead with you to stick around to the end of this article before you look outside and realise it is perfect riding weather. Only one category to go.

That final category, number eight, is “The Life-Long Experience,” whose members also probably fall into the “Daily User,” class. These are those riders who have ridden for their whole lives, at least since it was possible for them. They make up 9.2%, and are the cornerstone of motorcycling, because they are the ones who - intentionally or otherwise - pass the bug on to others, and keep our world turning. Many thanks, Lifers!