10 Electric Motorcycles that might just spark your interest | VIDEO

The future is bright... the future is green. Love them, loathe them, reserve judgement on them, electric motorcycles are coming and they're here to stay

LiveWire Del Mar

The electric revolution is underway and - shock! - it will be here to stay as more and more manufacturers turn their attention towards a fresh range of new motorcycles that will ‘drink’ from a socket rather than a pump.

Anyone with an eye on the four-wheel industry will have noticed the rapid increase in electric vehicles out on the road, with 1 in 4 new four-wheel models sold now electrically-powered.

By contrast, the motorcycle industry is still playing catch up, with only 5% of new PTW (powered two-wheelers) sold in 2021 being an EV, with the vast majority of these low-capacity equivalent scooters.

So, in short, electric motorcycle sales are as flat as a low battery as bikers shun the notion of motorcycles without the roar, the gears and the rumble… for now, anyway.

But for the rest who prioritise urban useability, frugalness and the wider environment, the quantity is growing, together with the quality. 

Having ventured so far leftfield they ended up on the West Coast, Harley-Davidson's 'LiveWire' is now going it alone as a solo brand in an attempt to catch the attention of early adopters, with the 'ONE' now joined by the LiveWire Del Mar, while Energica has also just swelled the pool of options with the ambitous Experia sports tourer.

Looking further down the line, the Damon Hypersport electric sportsbike is on the way promising a 200mph top speed and 200 miles of range, while BMW has charged in with the striking-looking CE.04 scooter, definitely its quirkiest effort since the infamous C1...

So while we know there is some convincing to be done, here’s a rundown of today’s most convincing options that maybe, just maybe will spark some interest.