Kawasaki Z900 long term review | Part 1

Kawasaki Z900 review Visordown

We’ve been out and about on our long term Kawasaki Z900 press to get some first impressions and think up what we can do with it

WITH so many bumper launches taking place over the winter of 2020, choosing a bike to run as a long term test bike on Visordown.com was a very tricky task.

We literally had a smorgasbord of new metal to choose from and with so many all-new models to pick between, it may seem strange to have ended up choosing the heavily updated 2020 Kawasaki Z900 as our twelve-month steed.

But there was a method behind the choice of the machine on this one.

Kawasaki Z900 long term review | Part 1

For me, a long term test bike has to have a few key points above all else. It has to be comfortable, have enough performance to excite on the road and track and for this year, I wanted something that we could make our own – to a certain extent.

When looking back over the launches and reviews from the winter, there was one bike that stood out as ticking all of these boxes and more and that was the Kawasaki Z900.

Not only that, the Z900 is one of Kawasaki’s biggest selling models in the UK and Europe, meaning there is already a captive audience and hive of helpful information out there regarding the newest version of the popular naked machine.

What do we plan to do with the Kawasaki Z900 this year?

Aside from the endless airport runs (when the launches start again) and obvious roadtests and track days, I plan to do, we’d also like to test and review accessories and aftermarket parts on the bike. Nothing too extreme, we have to return the bike to Kawasaki in the same condition we collected it in after all. But we’re looking at cosmetic upgrades and some performance parts that don’t require cutting or welding and can simply be bolted onto the bike.

We already have some engine casing covers from GB Racing to go on, and Kawasaki has said they have some luggage we can try out that will no doubt come in handy for schlepping back and forth to launches and events. But we want you to tell us what you’ve done to your Z9’ or what you would do to it if you owned one.

Drop us a message on social media, YouTube or Facebook, or fire me an e-mail, and if you are a manufacturer of parts that would fit the Z900 and want to be featured please get in touch. We’ll try and reply to all constructive messages!