‘Kill me fast’ custom Ducati 1198 for sale on home design website

For how much?

ALL 10 examples of a Ducati 1198 with custom paintwork have sold for £55,000.

The sculpture is by artist ‘Horn$leth’ and features multicoloured paintwork with ‘Kill me fast’ graphics painted on the bike’s mid-fairings.

Horn$leth said: ‘I myself was so fascinated by this relation between amazing Italian design and the superior engine technology. It is precisely this blend of beauty, speed and death, which inspired me to include this ‘scuplture' in my artistic work.’

The Ducati is currently listed on home design website Minimal Home but is no longer in stock.

If you absolutely must have one, Horn$leth still has eight more examples of another customised Ducati 1198, this time with ‘Super Crash’ graphics aboard the multicoloured paint, also for £55,000.

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