‘Appalling behaviour’ on Leeds Halloween ride-out

Riders filmed streaming through city centre pedestrian zone pulling wheelies

DOZENS of motorcyclists caused disruption in Leeds last night with behaviour described by police as "appalling" during a Halloween ride-out.

Off-road bikes, quad bikes and sports bikes were filmed streaming through Briggate, a pedestrianised shopping street in the city centre.

Riders are seen pulling wheelies yards from pedestrians in footage posted on YouTube, while some of the off-road bikes have no headlights.

The group of around 50 riders also brought traffic to a standstill on Kirkstall Road, a major route into the city.

Police closed the road and deployed a helicopter to the scene, described by Twitter users as like something from the film ‘Mad Max’.

West Yorkshire Police said they beliieved the event had been organised on social media.

Chief Superintendent Paul Money, Leeds District Commander, said: “The appalling behaviour that was witnessed in Leeds last night, when a large group of people on motorbikes and quad bikes rode into the city centre and congregated in Kirkstall Road with a complete disregard for the safety of the public, was completely unacceptable.

“Their actions caused significant disruption and nuisance in the area and members of the public were left understandably concerned. We received a large number of calls reporting dangerous riding and other anti-social behaviour by this group.”

He said the majority of riders had dispersed by 10pm and detectives were making enquiries and examining CCTV footage “to identify those involved and take robust action against them”.

The incident follows an “anti-social” ride-out in London on Sunday night in which police arrested eight males.

Four were arrested for failing to stop, two for failing to stop and dangerous driving, one for failing to stop and riding without insurance and one for suspicion of motor vehicle theft.

The eight riders were aged between 17 and 32 and were arrested in Blackheath, London Bridge and Streatham “following disorder and anti-social behaviour caused by groups riding motorcycles and quad bikes across London,” according to a Met spokesperson.

The spokesperson said tyre deflation devises were “successfully deployed” to stop 17 motorbikes and three quad bikes, adding: “There were no reported injuries to police or suspects through the use of these devices.”

Superintendent Ade Adelekan from Met Command and Control said: "The recklessness of the riders involved endangered not only themselves, but other road users and pedestrians.

“This is totally unacceptable behaviour that tied up significant resources that could have been better employed in emergency situations elsewhere."


"Motorcyclists", you say...

I think "hooligans" might perhaps be a more accurately identifying term to describe them, no?

dudeofrude's picture

As usual it's the dirt bikes/crossers/dual sports or whatever ya eanna call them that are up on one wheel. Awful fucking noise coming from them too. should ban all them crappy things from the road! Keep them on the fields where they belong

There were plenty of road bike in that lot, could you point out why my taxed,MOT'd and insured dirt bike should be banned off the road?

Anyway back to the video, how many of those morons had left their reg. plates on? "world of stupid" they should ban the idiots just for being so thick.

Comfysofa's picture

As above...its more the people that are riding could have some tracksuited, trainer wearing naer-do-well on a clapped out of ktm but ive also seen the same breed riding 10 year old sports bikes wearing the same thing with the bike in the same condition. I expect some of them just "went with the flow" but will be paying for it shortly [I hope] ! - i await to see more reports of "Robustness" being followed up...

BubbaDaytona's picture

It's just c*nts on stolen bikes. These are the people the police should be arbitrarily shooting.
Plates don't matter, the bikes are just stolen.

snave's picture move the bleedin' travellers on - with all the blokes out on a jolly on their stolen bolides, could 'av been a keen chance to set fire to some caravans.

Paul49's picture

The majority of them are on the scooters, off-road & quad bikes that are the scrotes favourites, all of them are most likely to be stolen vehicles. They are not bikers, just thieving scrotes.

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