Student sells nude pics to buy a scooter

Italian law student offers nude pictures because 'scooter is close to its end'

AN Italian student is offering nude pictures of herself online to raise money to buy a new scooter.

The law student, identified as Mary, advertised her photos on Facebook, with a picture of herself holding up a written message to cover her face.

She wrote on the social networking site: "I like to make photos and I want to have some fun this way. It's not as if I am offering sex and I hope this message is clear

"Plus, my scooter is close to its end ... and I need to buy a new one, so why not?"

She also hopes to raise awareness of the hard economic times and lack of jobs in her home city of Naples.

She wrote: "Regarding my working future, I see it will be very difficult to find a job, so I have fun now this way."

Staff at the University of Naples Federico II began investigating after being alerted to the student’s scheme by concerned parents.

But Mary is defiant, writing: "I have had a lot of sales, but those that buy my pics want to stay anonymous. I don't think I am doing any harm or corrupting anyone."

No naked shots of Mary have actually appeared on Facebook.

The student, who has not revealed her surname, has also distributed fliers around Naples, Napoli Today reported.