Knickers biker nicked but not charged

Biker using women's underwear gets the police's knickers in a twist

A SOUTH African biker who was nicked for obscuring his number plate with women’s underwear is off the hook – briefly.

The 48-year-old man was nabbed by police after a high-speed chase on his Triumph motorbike where it's claimed he exceeded 120mph but police couldn't prosecute him for speeding as they didn't have any proof.

He'd covered up his number plate with a pair of women's panties and evaded police on the ground but was busted by a police helicopter. The man claimed he was speeding because he was late for an appointment.

He was charged with trying to defeat the ends of justice but the police expect to have him back in court once further evidence is processed.

We think, this time, it's the police who have been caught with their pants down.