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Top 10 famous movie bikes

Two-wheeled stars of the silver screen

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Submitted by Visordown on Thu, 17/05/2018 - 13:39

Top 10 famous movie bikes

MOVIE makers have long since understood that there’s something dramatic about a motorcycle that a car simply can’t match. Whether it’s the fact that they’re able to pull off more audacious stunts or that they give full view of the human stars that are riding them, a bike has become a silver screen staple with their use in movies far outweighing their prevalence in real life.

The choice here is enormous. From Tom Cruise’s Top Gun Kawasaki GPz900R to the Yamaha XJ650 Turbo ridden by Sean Connery in Never Say Never Again or the various Triumphs and BMWs used in the ever-growing Mission Impossible franchise.

But which two-wheelers have carved out legends of their own? Here’s our top 10. As ever, feel free to disagree and add your own choices in the comments.

10: Akira bike

Shotaro Kaneda’s bike is a focal point of the enormously popular Akira manga series and its spin-off movie, so makes the list despite being completely fictional. We never discover its brand, and quite how it even works is something of a mystery – although various fans have managed to create real-world approximations of the thing.

9: Batpod

Another fictional machine, but this time real, working creation; the Batpod appeared in The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. Created by master special effects coordinator Chris Corbould and his team in the UK, the dramatic-looking creation was apparently such a pig to ride that only stunt rider Jean Pierre Goy could handle it. Despite its dramatic looks, it was powered by a Honda single. While it was claimed to use a 750cc motor in its auction listing when the prop came up for sale in 2016, the pictures showed something that looked suspiciously like a CRF450 motocross motor tucked into the Batpod’s massive frame.

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