10 Steps to make your bike like new

Selling or looking to pamper your bike? Here are ten steps towards giving your bike that brand new feel

1. Undo the sump plug and drain the oil into a suitable container. And remember to dispose of the old sludge responsibly.

2. Next, remove the filter, using the correct tool. You might need to reposition the container to catch the extra oil which comes out once the filter is off.

3. Apply a smear of clean oil to the new filter's 'O'-ring and clean up the filter housing on the crankcase so no dirt is trapped under the 'O'-ring.

4. Spin the new filter on by hand then tighten to the correct setting with a torque wrench. Refit the sump plug - with a new washer - and torque that up correctly too.

5. Refill with the correct amount of oil and refit the filler cap. Then start the engine and check the level according to the instructions you'll find in the owner's manual.

6. Check the chain tension. Find the tightest point in the chain's run and adjust there. A too-tight chain causes strain on wheel and drive shaft bearings and reduces power.

7. Lubricate bits that move. Items such as sidestand pivots that are easily overlooked often benefit from a spray of WD-40. Caked-on chain lube can make them very stiff.

8. Refresh your ignition barrel with a squirt of light oil into the barrel. It can work wonders, making every turn of the key a pleasure, not a chore.

9. Lube your footrest pivots using a spray-on grease or similar. Clean any excess off the footrest rubbers. And don't forget the pillion pegs while you're about it.

10. Finally, restore that like-new feel. Check and adjust the rear brake light switch,and apply a squirt of oil to keep it sweet.