10 Steps for changing your chain

Follow this guide and fit a brand new chain with ease

1 Let's get at it by getting at the front sprocket. You might need to remove the gear lever. We didn't.

2 There she blows in all her poorly-maintained glory. Note huge nut and tab washer. Flatten the washer's tab with an old screwdriver, then find a socket to fit.

3 Diddy Man struggles with an allen key on his model Ducati (joke). Use the back brake to stop the front sprocket turning while undoing its nut. Extra leverage may by needed.

4 Front sprocket changed (not shown... ) and it's time to pull out the rear wheel. If you get stuck, refer to the November 2004 issue's in-depth feature on wheel removal.

5 Spanners at the ready and pop the sprocket off. The Ducati's can be removed in situ, but you might need to pull the sprocket holder out to access its nuts.

6 Refitting is a reversal of removal but use some threadlock and torque the nuts up proper. Some bikes have tab washers here. You might need new ones.

7 Wheel in and break out the chain breaker. This is a professional one from Regina, but others are available. Its might help to file the rivets' heads down first to aid breaking.

8 Connect the old chain to the new and pull through, keeping it clear of any muck and nonsense. Note matched chain and glove manufacturers.

9 This chain is too long so the Diddler removed some links with his tool. You shouldn't have to, but it might happen. Consider yourselves warned.

10 Everything back in place so tension the chain, get the bike off the main stand, do up the front sprocket, refit its cover, tighten the rear spindle and lube the chain.

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