Top 10 most expensive bikes

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Top 10 most expensive bikes

Flick on the news on any given day and there’s a strong chance you’ll hear tales of falling living standards and dropping ‘real-terms’ wages, but at the same time sales of madly-expensive toys – supercars and mega-yachts – have never been stronger.

But we’ll leave the social commentary to one side. The fact that there are more people than ever with the spare cash to splash on having a good time means we’re being treated to an unprecedented deluge of madly-expensive machines that push the boundaries of what’s possible on two wheels. Most of us can only look on from outside, hoping that perhaps the ravages of depreciation or the benefits of trickle-down technology will one day bring something similar within financial reach. But if you’re feeling flush there’s no shortage of bike firms that will be only too happy to lighten your wallet.

Here’s out top 10 most expensive bikes in the UK for based on announced list prices.

10: MV Agusta F4 RC: £34,370

You’ll have to be quick to snap up an MV Agusta F4. The bike might be astoundingly fast and packed with technology, but it doesn’t meet Euro4 rules and as such it won’t be possible to register a new one come 2019, when the two-year ‘derogation’ period following the introduction of Euro4 expires. MV will have another expensive, high-performance offering next year, of course – the Brutale 1000 Serie Oro has just been revealed, and while its price hasn’t been announced, it’s not going to be cheap. In a couple of years there will be a new F4, too, but until then the firm will be going without a top-line superbike model.

9: Ducati 1299 Panigale R FE: £34,995

While all eyes have been on the Panigale V4 for the last year or so, Ducati will still sell you the ‘Final Edition’ version of the old V-twin version. The 1299 Panigale R FE combines the engine from the now-discontinued, £72,000 1299 Superleggera with a (slightly) less exotic chassis, and if V-twins float your boat it’s the ultimate evolution of the twin-cylinder superbike theme. Production won’t go on forever and once they’re gone, there’s little sign of anyone else bringing back a V-twin superbike in the same vein, so grab one while you can.

8: Ducati Panigale V4 Speciale: £34,995

Prefer your Italian superbikes with four cylinders? Ducati’s got you covered. The Panigale V4 Speciale was originally the top level bike in the V4 range, taking the 1103cc Panigale V4S and adding extras like a titanium Akrapovic pipe for a claimed 226hp. With just 1500 made as an introductory special edition to celebrate the new V4 bike, it’s guaranteed some rarity, although for 2019 the introduction of the V4S Corse – a standard ‘S’ model with MotoGP paintwork and a £23,895 price tag – means it’s perhaps a little harder to justify the extra expense of the Speciale.

7: Ducati Panigale V4R: £34,995

To have three superbikes priced at an identical £34,995 and vying for the same space in the market within one manufacturer’s range seems a bit mad. But at the moment that’s exactly what Ducati is offering. The latest and greatest is the Panigale V4R – the machine that forms the basis of the firm’s 2019 WSB challenger. De-stroked for a race-compliant 998cc, the R is nonetheless more powerful than its 1103cc siblings with 221hp (234hp when fitted with its Akrapovic pipe), and a redline set at an astounding 16,000rpm. It also looks more arresting, with winglets and a bare alloy fuel tank plus redesigned nose and side fairings.

Homologation-special status also means it’s likely to remain rare and retain much of its value, so it’s where our imaginary £35k would be going.

6: Harley-Davidson CVO Limited: £35,495

Harley’s most expensive offering, the CVO Limited, might be priced within £500 of Ducati’s top trio, but it couldn’t be more different. A full-fat touring bike packed with equipment and using the biggest ‘117’ version of Harley’s Milwaukee-Eight V-twin, it’s undeniably head-turning, even if it’s very much an acquired taste. Note that the £35,495 list price is merely a starting point; Harley’s accessories catalogue will happily push it much, much higher…

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