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Five safest motorcycle helmets for under £150

Five budget lids that garner five star ratings from SHARP

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Submitted by rgo on Mon, 20/06/2011 - 11:28

Five safest motorcycle helmets for under £150

You don't need to spend £500 to guarantee the ultimate-level of helmet protection.

The UK government have introduced SHARP as their way of testing a helmet's safety rating and we've picked out five helmets that score five stars in the SHARP test.

SHARP Helmet testing evaluates the protection offered by a helmet by analysing the impact levels across its surface. According to SHARP they carry out their test 'on each model using seven individual helmets across a range of sizes – assessing how well each helmet could protect the brain in the event of a crash.'

Before you head to the dealer, check out our cross-section of the safest helmets that score five-stars under the SHARP testing but only lighten your bank account by 150 big ones.

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