Shoei Shoei VFX-WR motorcycle helmet | Review

Shoei VFX-WR Helmet

Visordown tests out the Shoei VFX-WR off-road-focused motorcycle helmet; Here’s what we make of after a couple of months

With the Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin launch fast approaching I needed an off-road-focused lid. Already owning a much loved Shoei X-Spirit III, it seemed right to grab a Shoei VFX-WR. 

I chose the Zinger TC-10 colour scheme to carry on the theme of bright highly visible helmets. Plus, they make me feel cool...

Available from: Shoei UK


Depending on which colour you select (total of 13 available) the VFX ranges from £329.99 - £549.99. 


The outer shell is from AIM+, which is a high tech organic fibre, multi-composite and high-performance fibre medley. This construction helps the shell to absorb shocks while keeping optimum rigidity.

The three-piece EPS liner varies in thickness across the helmet to aid energy distribution in the event of an accident. Shoei calls this M.E.D.S (Motion Energy Distribution System). Fortunately, I haven't had to test this out but I'm pretty sure it works. 

Available sizes: 1) XS-S, 2) M, 3) L, 4) XL-XXL

Oh, and if you’re wondering what the Japanese writing means, it translates to Shoei. I can confirm this as some Honda engineers (from Japan) admired the design. Although, I thought it said something naughty, as they initially giggled. 


The 3D max-dry cheek pads and centre pad - which are breathable and moisture-absorbent - are easily detachable and fully washable. I tested the ease of removal upon my return from the sizzling Island of Sardina, after hustling the CRF1100L on technical dusty mountain roads. I decided to wash out the inner pads of perspiration and grime (e.g. bugs and dust), thus removing any potential stank.  


As you’d expect from any premium helmet, the VFX-WR is uber comfortable. After a couple of hours breaking in the padding, it feels like it’s shaped to your head. Sometimes my [rather large] ears didn’t quite fit snug into the holes allocated, but a little wiggle always seemed to resolve this. 

Due to the gapping big hole in the front, I would advise wearing earplugs with VFX-WR, like with most lids of this style. Riding a motorcycle without a large front screen, at motorway speeds, it does get a little noisy - but that comes with the territory of an off-road-focused helmet. 

If you do plan on doing higher speed journeys in-between green lanes, then the addition of a removable peak is a nice touch. And it helps if you’re transporting the helmet in a bag. 


You won’t believe how many ventilation slots are on the VFX-WR. Perhaps it’s overkill but then more the merrier, right?

The reason behind all the vents is because VFX-WR is designed with racing in mind. On the road, I found the front vent did let the tiniest bit of water spray through. It didn’t ruin my day though, as the rest of the vents dealt with wet conditions more than adequately.  

We like

  • The considerable level of safety tech

  • Wide variety of colour options available 

  • Removable peak 

We don’t like

  • Inability to close front inlet vents 


For the true off-road enthusiast, the Shoei VFX-WR would make a great addition to the kit list. It’s lightweight, high tech construction and racey features make it a more than viable option.  

I genuinely get excited putting the VFX-WR onto my head. And the addition of iridium googles makes the design really pop. 

In technical off-road conditions, you forget it’s even on your peanut - which is the sign of a well-designed lid.  

For the kind of rider who isn’t completely off-road crazy - dipping into a green lane here and there - then the Shoei Hornet would be a good alternative (see below).

Available from: Shoei UK