AGV AGV Corsa R review

AGV Corsa R review

We’ve been putting some miles on AGV’s new road and track helmet

All day comfort, great visor, vents that actually work
slight whistle at speed, why would you buy a Pista GP?

AGV’S PISTA GP motorcycle helmet has been a bit of success since its release in 2012, thanks in no small part to a Mr Rossi and his pals on the GP scene who don the MotoGP-spec headgear most race weekends. So, it’s not really a surprise that AGV has released the slightly less expensive (£549 as opposed to £899) Corsa R for the road and track rider.

I’ve been using the Corsa R for a month and have mostly been riding the sport-touring oriented Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX. It’s been tested in temperatures as low as -6° and I’ve encountered freezing fog, rain and snow on my commute back and forward from Coventry to London.

When is a Pista GP not a Pista GP?

Simple answer: When it’s a Corsa R. The idea behind the helmet was to make a slightly less track focussed lid that’s easier to live with, a bit comfier and less expensive thank the MotoGP ready helmet the racers use. The outer shell is identical looking to the Pista GP, to the point that an AGV representative would be hard pushed to tell the difference if the shell had been painted.

Aside from the looks, the Corsa R is slightly heavier than the Pista GP thanks to its carbon/aramid/fibreglass construction instead of pure carbon, but only gives away a couple of hundred grams in total weight. The visor of the two lids is also interchangeable, thanks to the near-identical shell design of the lids.

Comfort and fit

There are four shell sizes covering XS – S – MS – ML – L – XL, I opted for the medium large (ML) option which is said to cover 59-60cm head circumference. I’m normally a medium in any other helmet but was lucky enough to try a couple of options on at AGV’s UK HQ before ordering, so managed to get the perfect fit for my head-shape and size.

I’ve worn the helmet for rides of up to four hours and have had no issues with discomfort or tension headaches. I’d go as far as to say the level of comfort provided by the AGV is on a par with that of a dedicated touring lid. It could just be that my head is a particularly good match for the interior shape, or that AGV’s claims of a comfier and easier to live with Pista GP, are completely true!


The interior of the lid is completely removable and washable, only taking about a minute to totally strip it down. The lining has a couple of different materials in use and also a clever, reversible skull cap that has a ‘cool’ and ‘warm’ side by being covered in two materials, Ritmo on one side, and Shalimar on the other. The Shalimar is a plush fabric that has more density to it and is noticeably warmer next to your skin than the Ritmo, great if you’re riding in a less exuberant manner or for chilly winter days.

The cheek pads are the same Ritmo material as the ‘cool’ side of the skull cap, It’s designed to wick moisture away from your skin and keep you comfortable in warm weather. The Ritmo is also treated with an antibacterial and a moisture wicking agent to help maximize rider comfort in hot weather.

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