Carl Fogarty on Toseland, Twitter and being in bed by 9pm

Four time World Superbike Champion Carl Fogarty has kept his head down for the past couple of years. A chilled-out Carl talks Toseland, Twitter, dogs and being in bed by 9pm every night

I’ve had a really busy year, really
It’s been a bit quiet for the last two years, my choice really. It’s ten years since I last raced. Me, Mike Hailwood, and Barry Sheene became household names and it took a while before Barry was liked again. He upped sticks and said a lot of stuff about people that they resented. And then it was a good 10-15 years after that he became liked again.

Maybe the same’s happening with me, I don’t know. I’ve been opening classic bike shows, heading parades, TT, Hockenheim, Ulster GP, Ducati shoots, launching Foggy X-lite replicas – it’s all kicking off again.

Shark (helmets) became a bit hard to deal with and my contract came to an end. Just trying to get people to ring back or respond to e-mails was impossible towards the end. I liked listening to X-lite, they make everything themselves, and they got it all done. I’ve signed a three-year contract with them and my lid’s part of their legends series. But the way I’ve gradually got busy again is weird. Maybe it’s because I’ve just kept my head down for a few years.

I don’t know if Toseland is going to win WSB
I hope he does, good luck to him. He’s regarded as Britain’s best rider but I have to think about it and say it’s probably Johnny Rea who takes that crown. We’ll see next season. And Cal Crutchlow  is going to be really good I think.

Whitham thinks Cal will beat Toseland, so maybe James won’t have an easy time next year. I like James a lot, he’s a fine lad. Johnny’s still only 22. A lot of people don’t like Johnny so that rings a few bells with me (laughs).

[#1.2]I think people will take the fight to Rossi
Lorenzo is another year older and as fast as Rossi. He’s also stayed in the same team and among the same crew. Stoner has come back strong and you can’t count him out.

Rossi is just the whole package
He’s had everything around him for the past ten years. Don’t break what’s working. He’s obviously a fantastic talent and still hungry and he’s kept everything the same – Biaggi could have learned a thing or two from that.

I’m not really in contact with Ducati any more
I do more with Ducati UK than the Italian factory. I still speak to Tardozzi quite a bit but I don’t really have a deal with them.

I’ve got a brand new KTM EXC250
It’s still got bubble wrap on it. I bought it from KB Racing in Leyland. I’ve also got a  Hypermotard S. It’s the first time I’ve had a road bike since I was seventeen. I parted with my own money for it. I like owning a bike. It’s mine. I’m sick of borrowing stuff. Trouble is I just can’t stop doing wheelies on it.

I’ve got two Jack Russells and a Doberman
The Doberman’s a softy but the Jack Russells are always scrapping with each other.

My kids aren’t interested in bikes
Danielle is 18 and up at college in Newcastle and the other one Claudia’s still here doing GSE racing exam thing, or whatever you call them nowadays

My business interests are mainly property
I rent out through an agent. I’ve got four houses in the Lytham area. It’s a really nice place, I’d quite like to end up there, maybe build a house that overlooks the sea.

I don’t know what the future holds for the Fogartys
You never know, I just take every day as it comes. I’m pretty chilled out now.

My war wounds don’t give me too much trouble
My knee gives me the worst, though. I did the festival of 1000 bikes at Mallory and rode a Ducati superbike. After four or five laps it was killing my right knee. I had to pull in and have a couple of minutes rest. My shoulder was OK though.

I haven’t seen the next Foggy yet
I’m just hoping there’s someone who comes through with a bit of an edge to them.

I got a mega deal on a Porsche 911 turbo
I practically fucking stole it. And I bought a Seadoo speedboat off eBay dead cheap… we go wakeboarding in the Irish sea near Anglesey. And buying the Ducati Hypermotard...  it’s the mega-deal thing that turns me on.

My ideal road trip would be on my Ducati ’motard
A superbike would kill my neck, back, shoulder and knee. I’d go with Whitham for the entertainment. But on second thoughts trail riding in Spain with a load of mates might be even better…

I was pretty superstitious when I was racing
The day it all ended for me at Phillip Island was St George’s Day. I broke my leg on my 19th birthday at Cadwell. On the 19th of May 1986 I broke my arm at Mallory and on the 19th of August I broke my leg really badly at Oulton Park. I broke my leg again at Silverstone on the 19th September. I didn’t like 19 for a while.

I normally get out of bed at 7.30am
I tend to go to bed about 9 o’clock and watch a film in bed.

My favourite tipple is beer, I suppose
I’m not too fussed – vodka and cranberry juice maybe? I’m rubbish with wine. Three glasses and I’m a mess.

One sugar in my tea, ta
I’ve got to go and hide this KTM now. Michaela’s back in a minute and she doesn’t know I’ve bought it yet.

I’ve also got a Hypermotard S...I parted with my own money for it. I like owning a bike. It’s mine. I’m sick of borrowing stuff.